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Beer & Food Pairings

Beer & Food Pairings

There’s no better thing in life than perfectly paired food and drink.

Lucky for all of us, we’re now offering a ‘Beer & Nibbles’ platter which is precisely that. Three 1/3 pints of award-winning classic WEST beers paired with three specially chosen beer snacks.

Currywurst bites & German Pale Ale

Obatzda smoked paprika puffs & St. Mungo

Smoked haddock & salmon fishcake & Hefeweizen

The dry and slightly hoppy GPA settles the spice of the currywurst, while the strong flavours of the paprika puffs are perfectly complemented by the clean and crisp St. Mungo premium lager. The fruity and refreshing Hefeweizen wheat beer – a WEST staff favourite – is just the match for the delightful haddock and salmon fishcake.

As a starter to your meal or just an evening snack, our Beer & Nibbles platter is a must for every beer lover and food aficionado!

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