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Coming Soon: WEST On The Corner Member Cards

member club coming soon

Coming Soon: WEST On The Corner Member Cards

WEST On The Corner are proud to announce the upcoming Membership card. We are working very hard at WEST to provide the best customer experience possible and a part of that includes special deals for our local and regular customers. We believe in rewarding those who drink our beer regularly and to do that we feel a membership with special offers is a great place to start showing our appreciation for your custom. Becoming a member will improve your WEST experience.

Why Become a Member?

By becoming a West On The Corner Club Member, you will receive special offers such as £3 per for your first pint. Other offers on food and desserts will be available as well as refreshments such as tea and coffee. Members will be treated at VIP’s when booking the restaurant for a meal and receive regular email updates on the current offers and news at WEST.

Members Club Pros

By holding a member club card you will be joining numerous others helping to expand the WEST brand making it easier to find our beers elsewhere. You will be asked on occasion for feedback based on service, drinks and food. We will use this information to improve your future experiences at WEST. We hope to release this service within the next few weeks. If you’re in the restaurant don’t hesitate to ask staff about the membership card.

What does a member mean to WEST?

By obtaining a member card, you will be considered part of the WEST family. To WEST it means you’re a local and regular customer and as part of our family, we believe you deserve to be treated as such. By becoming a member you’ll be showing us that we make an impact. Tailoring the WEST experience to you as a member is our top priority. At WEST we take our responsibility for your experience very seriously. This means changing the way we promote ourselves to customers.

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