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How Well Do You Know WEST Beer?

west we know our beer do you?

How Well Do You Know WEST Beer?

What if we told you WEST specialise in craft beer? What if I told you we know our beer very well?Do you like our lagers? Here’s a list and description of all our beers available at WEST On The Corner.


Named after the patron saint of Glasgow and fellow brewer, this is our flagship Premium lager. St. Mungo is a traditional Bavarian ‘Helles’ lager, which makes for a complex yet very agreeable beer. Its natural carbonation and firm crisp taste perfectly counters its malty body. A refreshing beverage for any time of the day!


With all the balanced flavours of a traditional crisp, clean German lager, WEST 4 is light in colour and body. It strikes the perfect balance between malty sweet and bitter hop flavours to deliver an easy-drinking lager with a refreshing zesty finish.


This Bavarian-style wheat beer is an homage to WEST founder Petra Wetzel’s childhood in Franconia (and also the name of the original brewery dog!) Brewed with 64% malted wheat, our Heidi-Weisse is a complex and refreshing beer of low bitterness and with top notes of clove and banana. Finished in a traditional unfiltered style, it is a great accompaniment to sweet and savoury foods, or the perfect fruity refreshment  on a sunny afternoon.


Brewed to our own unique recipe, this Munich style red lager uses a high proportion of toasted malted barley, which gives the beer its unique colour, smooth and creamy body as well as its sweet biscuit flavour. This is a lager that may convert even the staunchest ale aficionado.


Like IPAs and their American counterparts, our German Pale Ale (GPA) is light with a hoppy finish. It is made with both malted barley and wheat and is strongly hopped with American Chinook and Hallertau Mittelfrüh hops, which is perfectly complements its dry biscuit-y finish.


‘Feierabend’ is a German phrase meaning ‘the successful end of a working day’. This dry, single hopped pilsner is the perfect ‘clocking-off’ pint with its subtle fruitiness and hints of white wine. A beer perfect for ending a hard day of work.


WEST’s first stout sits like a pint of fresh espresso with its smooth dark body and creamy long-lasting head, alongside a fudge aroma and bold smoky flavours reminiscent of a French roast coffee. Notice the flavour profile change in WEST Black as the temperature slowly increases in the glass.


This hazy golden beer is the unfiltered twin of our ever popular St. Mungo. With more body and some bitter and yeasty notes, Wild WEST is a premium lager with a little more bite.


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