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Review Cards for WEST Coming Soon

west reviews

Review Cards for WEST Coming Soon

WEST on the corner are pleased to announce that we will be asking customers to review their experience at our restaurant.

What do we want to know?

At WEST we take pride in providing a positive customer experience from walk-in to walk-out. What we want to know is how your experience was. We will be asking for your name, email address and date of birth. We will also be asking for details such as how you rate the drinks, food and service. Not only will this help us get to know you but it will also mean we can offer you a membership card as well. We want to know how you heard about us, and what you liked about your experience. We also will be asking how you feel we can improve your WEST experience.

Why do we want to know all this?

West is a company that is passionate about our customers. It only makes sense that we ask them how they have found their experience at our restaurant. Using the information you provide us with, west can do our best to improve your experience every time you come here. We want to be the best in the craft beer industry and we believe putting our customer first will help us get there.

What makes your view special?

We think each customer should have a tailored experience. No two customers are the same and we are dedicated to providing a lunch, dinner or even a quick pint that you’ll remember. Offering an option to review our service gives us the opportunity to take feedback and better ourselves for each customer. Finding out what you liked means we know what we’re doing right. Everyone likes to be told they’re doing good and we’re no exception at west. A pint, a laugh and a good ol’ time is what we want for you.

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